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How to buy from China?
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This article is mainly written for people who want to buy packaging materials (doypack with zipperziplock stand up pouch etc.) from China. There are already lots like “How to soure from China”, but I will concentrate on this part from the point of view of a chinese. My hope is this article will help small business owners to save money and time.

As is well known, maybe China is world’slargest market where you can find even packaging materials like food packaging bgs, (even standup pouch, side gusset bags, coffee bags).
standup pouches , square bottom pouchessquare bottom pouches,etc.Well, let’s begin.

 1.     Find a good business parter. This partner is not the one to whom you send email, but a true boss behind the salesman. Usually the fact is the boss can’t speak english, so hire some englishspeaking staff to make sales, many are new graduates of colleges, knowing notmuch of the product, copying the pictures and descriptions from othes. So it’shard to rely on them to control your product quality because they have seldomthe right to particpate in the factory management. So QC is important ,especially when it is thirdy party, SGS is better.

2.     How to check the background: you  can get their numbers (sales, assets, debt…) where they are legally registered. You can force them to show you a factory, etc. you’ll see 95% of these traders stop answering your emails. But the remaining 5% might be worth a shot.

3.     When the order is small, sometime is below 10,000 dollars, pay attention to the minimum order quantity. Large factories is not interested in this business, but small trading company may. Usually small business company can get more discount because they haveother customers orders to buy in large volume. To ask them to offer somereputed brands for your reference is a good method to verify their capability.

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